‘stalin was a stunner’. discuss.

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i do have a thing for georgians [1 & 2], especially those from eastern georgia, who usually have a fairer complexion and blue or greenish eyes…and i ‘m always happy to spot the sexy one out. on this occassion, it is joseph stalin, aged twenty-four and jaw-droppingly fit.

6 Responses to “‘stalin was a stunner’. discuss.”

  1. zen grylos Says:

    We agree, except the color of the eyes!

  2. endiaferousa apopsi, alla nomizo oti einai asximos ama tou ksiriseis to malli. i apostasi anamesa sta matia tou einai mikri, kati pou ton asximainei perissotero. pantos einai episis endiaferon oti oses fores pantreftike oi ginaikes tou den tou ftourisan. telika oi straight sxeseis einai oi pio provlimatikes.

  3. sensualmonk Says:

    [προβοκάτορα εσύ! ;-)]

  4. zen,
    τα χουμε ξαναπεί, ναι 😉 xxx

    α όχι τα μαλλιά, ιδίως από την αριστερή πλευρά είναι σούπερ.

    am i? O:-)

  5. sensualmonk Says:

    [το και θρακιστί ‘μπουμπάρι’ επονομαζόμενον ;-)]

  6. τσίμπησα και την καινούργια λεξούλα σήμερα, thnx 🙂

    (pŏm’pə-dôr’, -dōr’)n.

    1. A woman’s hairstyle formed by sweeping the hair straight up from the forehead into a high, turned-back roll.
    2. A man’s hairstyle with the hair brushed up from the forehead.

    [After the Marquise de POMPADOUR.]

    Français (French)
    n. – coiffure à la Pompadour
    v. tr. – coiffer à la Pompadour

    Deutsch (German)
    n. – Pompadour (weibliche Frisur)
    v. – sich eine Pompadour machen lassen

    Ελληνική (Greek)
    n. – μπουμπάρι, κότσος

    Italiano (Italian)

    Português (Portuguese)
    n. – estilo de penteado (m)

    Русский (Russian)
    пышный начес ]

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