the μ-zik underneath the arches

burial’s tunes are a chilly, drizzly run. the last train from victoria to brixton br. standing alone on the platform at clapham high street station. dreaming underneath derelict arches. the very evening we headed down to denmark hill, all the way along coldharbour lane. your voice pinched down, tales untold. a warm ‘morning to you’ the day after.

burial’s tunes are hope, solace and lust. south of the river.


One Response to “the μ-zik underneath the arches”

  1. fieryfairy Says:

    very visual post: in my mind it was like a film noir, or a french black-and-white film: an emtpy platform, music, the glistening surfaces, tightening the coat around you,a dark river and the hint of a warm night that leads to a warm ‘good morning’.

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