michael clark’s mmm…

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For over a quarter of a century ‘British dance‘s true iconoclast’ (Independent on Sunday) Michael Clark has redrawn the map of contemporary dance and opened out its creative landscape. Following last year’s acclaimed ‘O’ – the first instalment in a trilogy of works to seminal dance scores by Igor Stravinsky – Clark returns with the eagerly awaited Mmm – a complete reworking of his universally acclaimed 1992 masterpiece. A dazzling prologue of raw dance energy played out to an aggressive punk-medley of Public Image Ltd and Wire, with original Leigh Bowery costumes, takes Clark back to his ‘bad boy‘ roots. Then, 15 years after its first outing, Clark reignites his visceral response to Stravinsky‘s Rite of Spring. With an expanded company of 12 dancers and a live performance of the score on two pianos, this ‘beautiful paean to the eroticism and infinite possibilities of the human form‘ (Daily Telegraph) is given new life in a breathless exploration of birth, death and simmering sexual tension>>


2 Responses to “michael clark’s mmm…”

  1. 3 parties a day Says:

    Με ενδιαφέρει πάρα πολύ ο μοντέρνος χορός.
    Σημείωσα το όνομά του.
    Σε δυο βδομάδες θα δω την καινούρια δουλειά της Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker.
    Tην συστήνω ανεπιφύλακτα, αυτή και την Marie Chouinard.

  2. αμβρόσιος Says:

    mesa se ola eiste kyria moy!

    [oti deis anevase postaki na mathainoume kai meis]

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