21st london lesbian&gay film festival [picks of]

Octopusalarm –
Elisabeth Scharang [Austria, 2006]

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Assigned as male gender at his birth in rural Austria, Alex Jürgen was reassigned as female at the age of two and thus began a series of surgeries to realign his anatomy. Shot in a lingering cinéma vérité style, Octopusalarm is a collaborative project between Jürgen and Elisabeth Scharang, a DJ who interviewed Jürgen on her radio show >>

Jean Cocteau [France, 1950]

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An immortal thriller’, avant-garde director Jean Cocteau tagged his fairy tale revision of the Greek myth. Set in 1940s Paris, where Nazi iconography and surrealist imagery sit side-by-side, Orphée (Jean Marais) is a poet fast running out of ideas>>

Tick Tock Lullaby-

Lisa Gornick [UK, 2006]

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We’re none of us getting any younger. But what’s a recovering-alcoholic, career-avoidant lesbian to do if she wants to get pregnant ‘mistakenly’? And do straight people, as our heroine Sasha suspects, really have it easier? Over endless cups of coffee and copies of the Guardian, Sasha and girlfriend Maya discuss possible ways to conceive. But no amount of planning will get them pregnant without some action >>

i*gotta*watch*this*-centerpiece screening
Rag Tag-
Adaora Nwandu
with Danny Parsons, Damola Adelaja, Geoffrey Aymer
[UK-Nigeria 2006]
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At last a British Black Gay Film. One that has two strong leads and sense of realism. Raymond/Rag and Tagbo/Tag have a friendship that has endured over many years of separation. As twelve year olds they enjoyed an intimacy that many adults would find threatening. As young men, despite the disapproval of Tag’s religiously driven father, racism, the distractions of troubled heterosexual relationships and shady dealings in Nigeria, Rag and Tag are forced to face the inevitable. Their love is full of promise and truth but neither of them is sure how to embrace it. Set in a London that is totally believable Rag Tag has an edge that echoes Stephen Frears’ My Beautiful Launderette >>

and bfi’s pressie: download the ballad of reading gaol , kwietniowski, richard, uk 1988, colour, 12 mins [a visual interpretation of Oscar Wilde‘s testimonial delivered from the Old Bailey in 1895 when on trial for Gross Indecency]


4 Responses to “21st london lesbian&gay film festival [picks of]”

  1. εγώ, πέρα από τον Ορφέα, σκέφτομαι να δω αυτό:

    τι λες;

  2. Rag Tag is on tonite as well

  3. αμβρόσιος Says:

    moaki thanx


    είδα τελικά μόνο το documentary, μετά πήγαμε για drinks και δεν επιστρέψαμε στον ορφέα, παρά την πρόθεση να το δούμε

  4. akoimetos Says:

    Εγώ πάλι δεν κατάφερα να δω τίποτε… (και πάλι)
    Αμβρόσιε, ευχαριστώ (-ούμε όλοι) για το λινκ στο φιλμ για τον Όσκαρ Γουαιλντ (πλάκα έχει να γράφει κανείς τα πάντα με ελληνικούς χαρακτήρες – ιτ ιζ στρέντζ μπατ σαμχάου μπιούτιφουλ…) Να περνάτε καλά και ελπίζω να τα πούμε σύντομα…

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