karangahape road

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locals refer to karangahape road simply as ‘k’ road’. k’ road is a round the clock busy spot and a point of reference for the alternative scene[s] in nz’s real capital. boutiques, great second-hand and vintage shops [clothes, gifts, design, decoration etc.], historical buildings [mid-19th century that is], galleries and a good deal of asian restaurants make the place worth a visit. i bought a white leather tie and some pressies for people back home and have been eating at that malaysian for three consecutive days [means food was pretty good. also means that i was not bothered to look around for something better]. for the wee hours of the night, there is a cluster of gay places, close to where pitt street hits k’ road. i ‘d definetely recommend ‘family’. it is a superb club with drag shows, not stictly ‘gay’ which makes it even cooler. while you are meeting the locals [a supa sexy mix of european kiwis, maoris, guys from the pacific- one was so cute but was picked up before i even got a chance to chat him up– and asian boys], prostitutes are hustling on the intersections of k’ road and loads of drunk kiddies are begging for a spare fag. at the same time, others are just sleeping on the benches.

luved it!

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